25 May Judge Reinhold

I never show up for work without working with Brad first. He keeps me real & He points out both my strengths and weakness in an encouraging way that allows...

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20 May David A.R. White

Brad is a really giving and great teacher. He helps me stay “real” for all my auditions. As well as helps me ddp my work human and real but also...

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19 May Arthur Napiontek

Brad helped me understand my character and the story being told as a whole, and taught me to become and live the parts I've auditioned for, and projects I've worked...

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Hector David Jr

19 May Hector David Jr.

When you have someone like Brad Heller apart of your team, you don't need anybody else. Genius. - Hector David Jr. (Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, Power Rangers Megaforce)...

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Dimitri Lekkos

19 May Dimitri Lekkos

I've have studied with some of the best known teachers between New York and LA.  Brad Heller literally has changed everything that I know about acting.  I have gone from...

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Tyler Blackburn

19 May Tyler Blackburn

Since I started Brad's class I feel that I have come across a technique that works for me. I highly recommend classes with Brad Heller! - Tyler Blackburn  (Cold Case, Days...

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19 May Freddy Siglar

Brad has been a wonderful acting coach to my son, Freddy. When he works with Brad prior to an audition, he usually books the job. His technique, though not difficult,...

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19 May Brittany Finamore

The Heller Approach is so refreshing compared to other classes I've taken. In my very first session with Brad I had a moment of clarity and I knew right away...

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19 May A. J. Lamas

I've taken so many acting classes. I almost feel like I should be teaching by now. Most of them were a type of 'Method' technique. What I love about Brad...

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19 May Natalie Distler

I've trained with many acting coaches in both NY and LA, and I have never felt as confident going into an audition as I have after working with Brad. He...

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24 Nov Michelle Thomson

"I'm 26 and I have lived in Washington my whole life. I decided to move to California to pursue acting, which was a really intimidating. Brad Heller was the first...

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02 Nov Talton Browning

Talton not only has grown in his acting, but is loving it more than ever now that he is working with Brad! He booked his first feature film after coaching with Brad...

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03 Sep Kevin Downes

I have worked with Brad for many years. I enjoyed directing him in the film SIX, and have acted in several films with him. It has always been a wonderful...

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Julia Springer

25 Jul Julia Springer

Brad was a very intriguing man who fed me advice to grow as a better actress and a better person. Class was a flawless materpiece.- Julia Springer  (Valentine's Day)...

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24 Jun Alex Goode

The Heller Approach could not be more practical; as a teacher, Brad arms his students with the tools necessary to tackle any situation. I was brought in to audition for...

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22 Feb Michael Hudson

Brad’s class is the first formal acting class I have ever taken. Since I have been enrolled in his class I have signed with momentum talent agency and I have...

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22 Feb Benjamin Stone

I've trained with different acting coaches in both London and Los Angeles , and I have never found a class that I truly look forward to every week. Brad has...

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Adrian Bellani

22 Feb Adrian Bellani

It’s great to meet someone and work with someone who just simply get’s it. He’s honest; if it’s not working, he’ll tell you. He makes me fearless, makes me believe...

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22 Feb Cody Gifford

When I first met Brad Heller, he told me he was the best. For the past year I've been meeting with him twice a week and let me tell you,...

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22 Feb George Finn

Brad Heller is an acting coach who knows what he is talking about. Most acting coaches will just tell you how to do your scene their way. Brad will work...

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22 Feb Calvin Goldspink

Since working with Brad, every audition he’s coached me on I have received a callback. I have gotten more callbacks than ever since working with him. It is a pleasure...

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20 Feb Harmon Jones

Working with Brad Heller and his coaches is a an amazing way for me to learn and become a great actor. It has helped me book roles on "Children’s Hospital"...

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19 Feb Andrew Reville

When I started taking Brad's class, I was in a very stressful time in my acting career. I didn't know if I could even call myself an actor. He gave...

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juliet br

18 Feb Juliet Bradford

Every time I coach with Brad I either book the job or get the callback. He pushes me to the next level. - Juliet Bradford  (The Hillz, Cream Soda)...

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17 Feb Austin Herda

Brad is an amazing coach and his classes are excellent. Brad coached my son Austin for his first Television audition and he booked "Criminal Minds"! Thanks so much Brad. - Erin...

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16 Feb Nicole Robinson

The technique that Brad teaches is invaluable for the professional actor. He recently coached me on a major studio film and also a major New York play. I booked them...

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16 Feb Danielle Mone Truitt

Brad is an amazing teacher.  He really helps you believe in yourself while challenging you to be great and not just good.  His teaching definitely gave me that extra push...

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16 Feb Michael Paloian

Having an acting lesson has never been so easy now that you can do a lesson on skype. I live 15 minutes from Brad and still choose to do my...

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15 Feb Brent Shearer

Brad has been instrumental in my development as an actor. I study with Brad over Skype, and while I was skeptical at first, after working with him a couple times,...

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