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The Heller Approach offers acting classes online via webcam, in real time, through the service, Skype. You can get private acting coaching from Brad Heller or any of his assistant coaches, in the comfort of your own home.


Brad Heller is currently teaching students on Skype all over the United States, and globally in places including (but not limited to) Germany, England, Dubai, Chile’, Spain, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Argentina, to name a few.
With the advent of Skype, this is now a wonderful possibility for any get Brad Heller’s training from anywhere in the world.Once you download the program, Skype (its free!), you are ready to start acting training from anywhere in the world, by a coach in Hollywood. Skype acting classes range from general acting lessons, to preparing for an upcoming audition or call back.


The Heller Approach currently teaches a number of out-of-state acting students via Skype, in addition to in-person private and group acting lessons. We also have a number of students who reside in Los Angeles, but still appreciate the advent of Skype in an effort to forgo heavy traffic conditions, or who request immediate coaching while on set, or for last minute audition preparation.


Young actors preparing to embark on the journey to Hollywood can obtain a huge advantage over their competitors by receiving exceptional acting training prior to their move. An actor’s success in the entertainment industry relies on his training and current knowledge of the business – both of which are very time sensitive and can be achieved prior to one’s move to Hollywood. For every level of actor, The Heller Approach’s teachings includes the steps required to embark on a career as an actor, which involves a thorough study of the industry, the business, acquiring an agent, and headshot guidance. With the right training and up-to-date industry expectations, an actor moving to Los Angeles can dive right into the auditioning pool and into seeking an agent, upon arrival.

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per hour with Senior Associate Professors



per hour with Associate Professors


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Private acting coaching/classes via SKYPE provides passionate actors all around the world the same training enjoyed by actors in Los Angeles.