Understanding the Style You’re Playing In

27 Apr Understanding the Style You’re Playing In

As pilot season approaches quickly, auditions happen in droves. Agents, managers, casting directors, and many other entertainment professionals involved in the casting and submission process are overworked, overwhelmed, yet still get their job done in the highest degree of professionalism possible. Casting directors bring you in because you have the right look, the right headshot, the right aura surrounding the character, or a multitude of any other elements, potentially including a combination of two or three of these elements.

Speaking of professionalism, producers, directors, and casting directors, as well as your agent or manager, expect you to come into an audition prepared. There are many ways to prepare, but one of the biggest ways to prepare is knowing the script you’re reading, and specifically, understanding the style you’re playing.

Brad Heller discusses in his own words below what this means, but let’s put it very simply: If you are auditioning for a show that has been on for several seasons, watch some episodes to understand the type of comedy, drama, or whatever style the show is—if you’re going out for a brand-new pilot, read the pilot, identify the cast and previous projects the casting director, crew, and cast have worked on. Especially read the script and do your research to understand the style you’re playing.

An actor’s preparation involves more than just memorizing lines, understanding the character, and preparing for an audition. Understanding your own brand, the style you are best suited for, and the marketing in where you live is just the surface of what you need to know as an actor. Stand out from other actors by doing the prep work for each audition, which can include a lot of long-term goals that you can transfer to each and every audition as well as every day life. However, with pilot season quickly approaching, one of the best things you can do for your career now is understand the style you’re playing in for each and every audition.

Do your research. Know the creative team. Know the story. Understand the style you’re playing in.