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No one said the acting industry was easy. According to Brad Heller of The Heller Approach, there are two options: “Option 1, give up as an actor” or “Option 2, you can sleep at night.” Don’t be one of those statistics. Every hardship creates a...

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Judge Reinhold | Celebrity Acting Coach Testimonial

25 May Judge Reinhold

I never show up for work without working with Brad first. He keeps me real & He points out both my strengths and weakness in an encouraging way that allows me to make the most of every opportunity. - Judge Reinhold  (Beverly Hills Cop, Beverly Hills...

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David White | Celebrity Acting Coach Testimonials | The Heller Approach

20 May David A.R. White

Brad is a really giving and great teacher. He helps me stay “real” for all my auditions. As well as helps me ddp my work human and real but also entertaining. One of his gifts is teaching comedy – the tools I must know for...

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19 May Arthur Napiontek

Brad helped me understand my character and the story being told as a whole, and taught me to become and live the parts I've auditioned for, and projects I've worked on. Thanks Brad! - Arthur Napiontek  (Pineapple Express, Abercrombie and Fitch model)...

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19 May Hector David Jr.

When you have someone like Brad Heller apart of your team, you don't need anybody else. Genius. - Hector David Jr. (Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, Power Rangers Megaforce) ...

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19 May Dimitri Lekkos

I've have studied with some of the best known teachers between New York and LA.  Brad Heller literally has changed everything that I know about acting.  I have gone from chasing jobs to booking jobs.  I can't say enough about his knowledge and dedication to...

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19 May Tyler Blackburn

Since I started Brad's class I feel that I have come across a technique that works for me. I highly recommend classes with Brad Heller! - Tyler Blackburn  (Cold Case, Days of Our Lives, Gigantic, Pretty Little Liars)...

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19 May Freddy Siglar

Brad has been a wonderful acting coach to my son, Freddy. When he works with Brad prior to an audition, he usually books the job. His technique, though not difficult, has brought out the best in Freddy. - Norine Siglar  (Freddy Siglar's mother) (Freddy played Byron...

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