This Industry is a Roller Coaster

This Industry is a Roller Coaster

A roller coaster is fun, and we all know the entertainment industry is like a roller coaster: it has its ups and downs.  Therefore, why can’t a roller coaster be fun? Sometimes, it’s out of service due to inclement whether or because it needs an update.  And sometimes, the wait is so long that it is hard to tell if the ride is even worth waiting for. 

And yet, if the wait in line for the roller coaster is worth it can be answered by one simple question: What is the point of this?  What this means, in reference to the roller coaster analogy, is: Why wait in line?  Why was the roller coaster made?  What exactly is the point of this?

If the point is to show off on the roller coaster, to prove how great an individual is by what they do or who sees them doing it, then it might be time to get off the roller coaster.

However, if the point of the roller coaster is to have fun, create a worthwhile adventure, to patiently wait in line for a turn for what feels like an eternity only to strap in and get on board for a mere two or three minutes but enjoy every single second of it, and to enjoy the ride overall, stay on the roller coaster.

Climb up with the roller coaster—enjoy those peaks.  Then, go downhill with the roller coaster—think about how to get back up on the top of the hill.  Or better yet, think of how much the drop (downhill) on the roller coaster actually is. 

Thus, whether the anticipation to the peak is the most fun, or the drop, or the loops, the speed—whatever the case—focus on that aspect of the entertainment industry and an acting career and rediscover why that is a favorite or thrilling element of the entire journey.  There’s no need to get off the ride unless a rider is no longer having fun.

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