It’s that time of year—pilot season. Many aspiring actors make the big move to Los Angeles during this time or spend a prolonged amount of time in a major market (Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, others), hoping to get their big break. In this day and age, pilot season is one of the best times for unknown actors to find their way into the industry at a tier higher than they moved to a city of industry for—which often requires having an agent or manager.

While many actors have no idea where to begin, professional actors understand the market and know exactly where to begin. Many casting directors cast projects, a lot of which are through self-submissions, including some Fox breakdown with LA Casting (if you don’t know all about the Fox, ActorsAccess, and LA Casting triangle, do some research and see what’s going on with these breakdown services), and they sort through THOUSANDS of submissions per role per project, and while many actors assume the most effective way to get seen is to apply for each and every project they see, actors who understand their type know which roles they’re right for, and which roles are a stretch.

Having a team to help shape that type (such as an agent, manager, PR rep, etc.) can certainly help, but knowing your type, you can do so much on your own without help from other individuals or without feeling like a small fish in a big pond during pilot season—to keep you calm and laser-focused so that you can practice your craft instead of panicking your nerves.

This video by Brad Heller of The Heller Approach discusses how playing your casting type can serve you as an actor and as a professional in this industry. Knowing yourself will help guide you as you navigate through this industry.

Brad’s thoughts here: